6 reasons to get EICR done on your property at routine intervals

6 reasons to get EICR done on your property at routine intervals

In order to ensure safety it is important that every electrical installation must meet regulated standards. If an installation is faulty it may lead to electrical fire or shock which may cause injury and damage to the occupants of the property. Electric Safety First presents a report which is relevant to mention in the ongoing context. According to that report as many as 20,000 homes in the UK experience electrical fire every year. Nearly 9 out of every 10 such cases is caused by faulty electrical products whereas the remaining cases are caused by faulty electrical wiring. Most of these unfortunate incidents can avoided provided there is regular inspection and routine maintenance of electric systems across homes.

It is a landlord’s responsibility to ensure safety of every tenant. This responsibility remains valid throughout the term of their tenancy in a given property. in other words it is important to make sure that electrical wiring, appliances and fuse boxes are installed safely. It is also important to ensure these components are in a fine working condition.    

Visual inspections carried out regularly are a reliable means to identify any potential issue related to electrics. But a section of the cables and wires are installed hidden from plain sight. During visual inspections an electrician who is not qualified enough is likely to overlook those hidden wires and cables. You need a qualified electrician to inspect your rental property and prepare an EICR. EICR is the shortened form of Electrical Installation Condition Report. This report demonstrates your property maintains high levels of electrical safety standards.

Understanding an EICR and its importance

An EICR is produced by a qualified and competent electrician or electrical engineer. It is produced only after a thorough and all-round assessment of electrical systems in any residential, commercial or industrial property. It is a formal document and is also known as the Landlord Safety Test or the Homebuyers Test says an electrical contractor in London who offers reasonable cost for EICR certification.  

By virtue of the latest regulations of the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector every rental property across the UK must have an EICR. It is a private landlord’s responsibility to ensure all electrical installations in his or her rented property are in sound health and smooth working condition.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR is also known as Electrical Safety Standards. It ensures the following –

  • Every electrical installation and system within a property are properly installed
  • Those are safe to use and
  • Those are properly maintained

An EICR provides a crucial assessment on properties of every possible size ranging from small residential homes to huge industrial facilities.

The purposes that an EICR serves

An EICR caters to five vital purposes which include the following –

  • Ensures every electrical installation in a given property is safe to use

A qualified and technically sound electrician or electrical engineer inspects the electrical system thoroughly to ensure whether an equipment or installation is properly installed without any fault. The inspection also determines it is free from wear and tear, damage and deterioration.

  • Any visual damage or wear and tear in any electrical installation may prove risky for users and occupants. Identifying those damages are necessary

Once a problem is identified it is the electrician’s responsibility to recommend the necessary corrective measures to nullify every type of risk and hazard.

  • Identify components in an electrical installation that fail to meet the wiring regulations set by the Institution of Engineering and Technology

According to an electrician who provides the service of EICR in London few relevant criteria in this context include bonding and earthing of wires and cables, condition of sockets, suitability of switchgears and control gears, etc.

  • Identify the electrical appliances that are like to trigger fires and cause shocks

One of the purposes of an EICR is to identify the electrical appliances with visible signs of wear and tear and damage. It also recommends repairing or replacing the damaged and worn out components to ensure safety.

  • Make a record of the condition of an electrical installation for future reference

An EICR or Electrical Safety Standards comes in handy in the event of an accident. It works as evidence that the landlord took the necessary and appropriate measures to ensure safety of the tenants.

My property needs an EICR. Why?

There are several reasons for which you should routine EICRs done on your rental property. You can secure a lot of benefits from it. The benefits include the following –

  • Insurance – Insurance providers expect landlords to test their electrical systems at regular intervals. If you have to submit any claim from damages that occurred because of any electrical fault it is necessary for you to provide evidence that you took necessary steps to ensure electrical safety. The best way to substantiate this claim is getting an EICR done at routine intervals.
  • Compliance with regulations – When you have an updated EICR in your possession, it shows you are a responsible landlord or property owner. An updated EICR also enables your property to comply with the latest regulations.
  • Safety – When your electrical system undergoes regular testing and inspection it automatically gives you peace of mind that your property is safe from potential electrical hazards. There is lesser risk for your tenants, staffs, customers and other occupiers from electrical fires and shocks.
  • Greater energy efficiency – An EICR not only ensures your property safe from electrical shocks and fires but also brings your attention on what can be done to further enhance the system on aspects of reduced energy consumption and improving your carbon footprint points out an electrical contractor who provides the service of EICR certificate in London.  
  • Cost-cutting – EICRs carried out at routine intervals ensure your property consumes lesser energy. In other words this helps you or your tenants save money. EICRs not only identify electrical faults but also correct those faults on priority basis before those can cause any damage.
  • Legal shield – An EICR demonstrates that as a landlord you took the necessary measures to ensure electrical safety of everyone in your property. Skilled and qualified electricians working at the Electric Works Londonhave something relevant to point out on the given context. According to them in case an electrical fire breaks out in the property or there is an incidence of electrical shock that leads to injury or damage of any occupant then your EICR is the evidence that you did not neglect your responsibilities as a landlord. This saves you from legal hassles.

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